The Make-Up Diaries

The Make Up Diaries by Miss Perfect Mess 

Come along with me as I tell the stories and events that shaped the last 14 years of my life. (2004-2018) This is my therapy and it helps me to understand how things progressed over time. Hopefully it will help others to recognize the crossroads where we have important decisions to make about breaking or honoring our boundaries & staying true to ourselves. When those decisions are presented, they are sometimes difficult but making the wrong choices can have very serious consequences to our lives, self-esteem, health even our safety.

I accidentally discovered after several staged video attempts – that I think better when my hands are busy and I am speaking candidly. So I started taping my stories while doing my make-up in the mornings and it worked out great! I hope you don’t mind watching that part of my day… it is definitely an exercise in “getting real” for me – putting my “real” self out there and being vulnerable. (All things I am working on every day.)

~Paula (AKA – Miss Perfect Mess)

THE MAKE-UP DIARIES – Watch the videos!

CHAPTER 1 – FOOD FIGHT – Narcissistic Abuse