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Being Acutely Aware – Mindfulness

Miss Perfect Mess Whether its happiness, sadness, stress, fear or another emotion… when is the last time you were directly aware – or acutely aware of it in the moment? “Mindfulness” – I have been practicing this all year…plugging into my emotions as they are happening. I first learned about getting in tune with what my body was trying to tell me when I was researching about stress and anxiety. The ways your heart rate changes, that knot in your stomach, headaches, body aches, etc… those are all signs our bodies give us to let us know that we are in a situation that is not good.

Once I became “acutely aware” of my stressors… and started reducing the opportunities for them to reoccur…my stress almost went away completely. Now its not such hard work to “feel” what is happening to me and then quickly figure out a plan to change my position or environment to reduce stress.

The cool thing about being in tune with your body is that you “feel” on a new level…even about happiness and joy. I love this part…Mindfulness.

Summer Vacation 2018

The 1st time I realized that I was experiencing the polar opposite of stress & anxiety was this past summer. It would be the first vacation without my husband and family, and I wasn’t sure I even wanted to go. It was hard to look back on years past and think about how much fun the kids had and recall all the memories – knowing that this year it would just be me and Sadie. Truth be told, summer vacations were stressful – but I just always thought that was part of it. Turns out – its not.

Summer 2018 would turn out to be one of the best vacations I have ever been on – and it had very little to do with the destination. My friends C & J and their 2 kids plus their friends M & V and their 3 kids…and Sadie and me – all rented a house in Destin and piled in for a week. The thought of it gave me a little anxiety… not gonna lie. But the reality of it was more amazing than I could possibly find words for. It was the first time I was on a vacation with other people where everyone was just enjoying each other and relaxing. There was no helicopter parenting, no attitudes, no control freaking, no fronting, it was just a plain ole good time and I didn’t want it to end. I don’t know how many times I stood back and thought – in the moment – “WOW…so THIS is what having a good time is like?!” I was “acutely aware” that this was different, amazing, better and wonderful… and that is what will make the memories of this past summer last forever.

Thanksgiving 2018

Again with the 1st times… first major holiday without my husband and all of our kids together. My step-daughters were invited but couldn’t make it and that was hard for me because I really miss them. I didn’t know how I would feel in the moment and I was a little anxious. I knew my boys would be here, my daughter-in-law – and the grand baby…and of course Sadie. My friend and her daughter were also coming. I was hoping that we would have such a good time that I wouldn’t notice the difference from years past…but I did – and it was a huge pleasant surprise! The difference was no stress – ALL HAPPINESS – and a house full of people who just enjoyed each other. The way its supposed to be. The way it never quite was before. The way I hope it will be from here forward. Love. Happiness. Gratitude. Appreciation.

This is quite possibly the first year in my entire life that I was acutely aware of what true thankfulness really feels like. Wow.

Stay tuned for more talks about trauma bonding, narcissistic abuse, clearing the fog and creating a plan to find happiness again!


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